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Umbrella Insurance in Georgia

Residents of Georgia who have sizeable assets often need protection beyond what basic auto and homeowners insurance policies can afford. Umbrella insurance is a supplemental insurance policy that is designed to provide the additional coverage that these residents need to fully protect themselves and their assets. If you find yourself wanting more protection than your current insurance policies provide, this might be the right type of insurance for you. Below is a brief overview of umbrella insurance, along with how you can shop for a fairly priced policy.

Learning About Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is meant to provide coverage that is both broad and deep. Building on underlying insurance policies, it can help you fill in gaps that your current portfolio of policies leaves, thus broadening your coverage. For example, if your homeowners insurance has a specific exclusion that you want coverage for, an umbrella policy might provide the missing coverage that you need.

Looking for Umbrella Insurance

In some ways, umbrella insurance is more complex than other types of insurance, because it provides supplemental coverage that is dependent upon underlying policies. Finding the right umbrella policy at an affordable price, though, isn’t difficult when you contact us at Award Insurance Group.

Serving Dalton, GA, umbrella insurance agents at our office are independent insurance agents. Just as they can help you shop around for auto or homeowners insurance, they can also help you compare quotes on umbrella insurance. After reviewing your current insurance policies, our agents will not only help you find an umbrella policy that provides the broad and deep coverage you need, but they’ll also make sure you get a great deal on it. To get started, contact our office today.

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