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Life Insurance in Georgia

Life insurance should be a part of everybody’s financial plan. From young people whose parents may have co-signed a loan for them, to seniors making sure they have final expenses covered, life insurance has a place in every family.

The better you understand the two broad forms of life insurance available, the better equipped you will be in choosing the right type. Those two broad forms are term insurance and permanent insurance.

Term Insurance

Designed to cover the insured for a specific period in his or her life, term insurance is temporary insurance. A young family, for example, may choose term to make sure a home is paid for and college taken care in case of the death of a breadwinner. Term insurance can be an excellent choice in this situation for two very good reasons. First, term is generally less expensive on a per-thousand basis than permanent. The fact that it is usually more affordable the younger you are when you purchase it also makes it a good option for younger families.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent insurance provides coverage on the life of the insured as long as premiums are paid. Permanent is generally more expensive to buy than term insurance but it can build cash value. You can tap into this value at some future point in the form of a loan. This may help you take advantage of opportunities or help when faced with a financial emergency.

We are Dalton, GA life insurance agents who can answer your questions about life insurance. As independent agents, AWARD Insurance Group can scour multiple companies to find the coverage you deserve at a price you can be comfortable with. We are proud to call Georgia home, and would be happy to serve you. If you live in Georgia, you can get an online quote for life insurance through the AWARD Insurance Group. Simply answer a few questions on our website and we’ll go to work for you. We look forward to assisting you.

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