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Condo Insurance in Georgia

Condo insurance is different from both homeowners and renters insurance. It’s designed to protect condominium owners from common perils that homeowners, renters, and condo owners all face, such as fire, theft, and vandalism. Condo insurance policies, however, are specifically written for condo owners. Here’s what you can expect from a condo policy and how to shop for one.

Condo Insurance Protections

As with all insurance policies, the specific coverage you’ll find in a condo insurance policy will vary from policy to policy. In general, however, most condo insurance policies offered in Georgia will provide you, as the policyholder and condominium owner, with:

  • personal property coverage
  • liability coverage
  • building property coverage
  • guest medical coverage

As mentioned, these coverage are different than the standard coverage that you’d find in a homeowners or renters policy. The building property coverage in a condo insurance policy generally doesn’t provide the same level of coverage for the building as a homeowners policy would for a house. It does include some coverage for the structures in your unit, though, which isn’t typically found in renters policies.

Independent Insurance Agents

Because every policy will be slightly different, it’s important to review each policy carefully with a licensed independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents are knowledgeable about condo insurance. We know what to look for and are not paid by specific insurers. We’re uniquely qualified to help you find the best condo insurance policy.

At AWARD Insurance Group, we’ve helped many condo owners find the coverage they need for their condominiums in Dalton, GA. Condo insurance agents at our office are all independent insurance agents who work for us, not an insurer. They’ll make sure to help you find the best condo insurance policy available, and at the lowest price possible. To speak with one of our agents, give us a call.

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