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Commercial Insurance in Georgia

Businesses today face many different potential risks which they need insurance policies to protect them from. Few companies can fully insure themselves with one policy; most need several. At AWARD Insurance Group, we make it easy to find all the policies your business needs. We offer a broad array of insurance options, and our independent insurance agents are able to explain every one of them in clear, simple terms.

An Array of Insurance Options

The specific insurance policies that your company needs will depend on what type of business you own or manage. Our insurance agents will first listen to you describe what your company does, and then they’ll help you select appropriate policies. Depending on your business, they might recommend:

  • commercial auto insurance if your company owns cars or trucks
  • commercial property insurance if your company has buildings
  • general liability insurance to protect items in your facility and people on your property
  • workers compensation to guard against work-related accidents

Helpful Commercial Insurance Agents

Because businesses typically need several different insurance policies, a commercial insurance portfolio can become complex. Our insurance agents, however, will make understanding your business’ policy selections easy. We'll explain what each policy covers and review your overall portfolio. We can help you make sure there aren’t any significant coverage gaps. If there are, we can find another policy for your company. Because we only have independent insurance agents at our office, all of our agents are able to help you find a policy from any insurer in Georgia.

If you own or manage a business with operations in Dalton, GA, commercial insurance agents at our office would love to help you find the insurance coverage that your company needs. To get started, give us a call. We’ve assisted many companies in Dalton, and we’re confident that we can help your company.

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