Who Should Have Umbrella Insurance Coverage in Dalton, GA?

People who own multiple properties and have several different valuable assets might want to consider umbrella insurance. This type of insurance is in addition to standard liability policies and can be useful when you want to protect your assets from being lost in lawsuits and claims against you. Umbrella insurance kicks in when your standard liability is exhausted. This can help with existing homeowners, auto, or other personal types of insurance that have limits to their coverage.

If you are in the Dalton, GA area, AWARD Insurance Group has professional agents that have years of experience with both standard liability insurance as well as umbrella insurance.

Who benefits from umbrella insurance?

Lawsuits can be very damaging and you can lose significant amounts of money if you find yourself being sued, your entire savings and investments can be negatively impacted by lawsuits. If you are sued for injuries or damages to another person’s property or person, the associated legal costs from a lawsuit can add up quickly. This is when having an appropriate amount of umbrella insurance will help you weather legal battles and maintain your investments and wealth.

What amount of coverage does umbrella insurance provide?

The amount of umbrella policy underwriting depends on who your insurer is and how much coverage you have. It could be in the tens of millions of dollars or less. This really depends on how much you are able to spend to get this type of coverage. It is prudent to investigate different companies and specific policies they have for umbrella insurance.

If you need help choosing a quality umbrella insurance policy to cover your valuable assets from loss in lawsuits, AWARD Insurance Group of Dalton, GA can help. Give us a call to speak with an agent today to discuss your various options for coverage.