What Type Of Commercial Insurance Do You Need In Your Industry: A Brief Guide

Commercial insurance is available for all types of businesses, but no two policies are created equal.

Agencies like AWARD Insurance Group provide many branches of commercial insurance. It’s just a matter of knowing which type of insurance suits your business well. This suitability is based on your industry. If you own a business in Dalton, GA, read on to find out how to identify the right commercial insurance for your industry.

If You Rent Or Own Your Place Of Business

If you’re running your business from an actual office, your best bet is to invest in general liability commercial insurance. This type of insurance is a recommended type of base coverage for most businesses.

In your case, though, it’s especially advantageous to get general liability coverage. If a third-party (such as a customer or a passerby) slips and injures himself on your business property, he can sue your business. General liability can cover that cost for you, possibly preventing you from having to liquidate your business assets.

If You’re A Doctor Or Lawyer

If you own practice of any higher-cost service (legal or medical), you need malpractice insurance.

If a former client or patient accuses you of negligence in their case, that could cost you your career. Furthermore, it could rob you of any income, both personal and that which belongs to your practice. As a licensed lawyer or doctor, being insured against malpractice is a crucial step. Your coverage can cushion the blow of a malpractice lawsuit.

If You’re In The Media

If your business is in the media or communications industry, you need media liability insurance. Though this type of commercial insurance is less common than the previous ones, it is an important form of protection.

Media liability insurance covers your assets and your reputation in the event that someone sues you for liable or slander. As a writer or a journalist, you are always in danger of angering a sue-happy individual. that type of person is eager to erase your career and put you in debt due to something you wrote or said which he dislikes.

Liable cases are sometimes hard to prove, but they are costly if dragged out in court. Get your commercial media liability insurance as a media professional, just in case.

Are You Ready To Buy Commercial Insurance?

Whether you’re buying insurance for your business as a first-timer or a veteran, there is a lot to ponder when it comes to commercial insurance. Contact AWARD Insurance Group, where our helpful agents will guide you through the process of purchasing the policy that fits your needs best. As a business owner in Dalton, GA, give us a call today, and we’ll be eager to assist you on your path to securing your coverage.