What should my Dalton, GA RV insurance cover?

Recreational vehicles come in a wide range of sizes, costs, and amenities. Fortunately, so does your RV insurance.

Located in Dalton, GA, AWARD Insurance Group knows that the right insurance is just as important as picking the right RV. It’s important to have a customized plan that meets your needs. Although options vary, these five coverage types should be a key component of any RV insurance package.

Collision coverage

As the name implies, this covers damage that results from a collision. If an accident does occur, this will kick in no matter who is at fault.

Comprehensive coverage

All other types of damage will be handled under comprehensive coverage. Examples include falling objects, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. Most plans list out which events are included and which aren’t.

Uninsured motorist

Don’t be stuck footing the bill just because another driver has insufficient insurance. An uninsured motorist policy has you protected. This could cover injuries, property damage, or lost wages.


Liability provides security in the event you’re found to be at fault during an accident. While this only applies to motorhomes, the protection is for you, not your vehicle. These policies offer safeguards against potential lawsuits and expenses related to bodily injury.

Personal Property

Although RV and auto insurance share many similar features, personal property is different. This coverage is almost like a homeowner’s or renter’s plan, focused on the possessions inside the RV. If your belongings are damaged, destroyed, or stolen, you’ll be reimbursed. 

AWARD Insurance Group is here to help

Find an RV insurance policy that is as unique and personal as your vehicle itself. Serving Dalton, GA, the agency can match you with the ideal coverage. Schedule an appointment with one of their agents today.