Ways to Pack Efficiently in Dalton, GA

It’s never fun to pack up and move out of your place to your new place, but it is a necessary evil. However, there are some ways to pack and move that are much better and less stressful than others. Below are some helpful packing tips that will make the whole process less arduous and the whole move less stressful.


Labeling boxes is a critical thing to do when packing for a move, so that you know exactly where items go in your new place and you know what is generally inside of them. These labeling options can vary between basic permanent markers written on the box to color coding that corresponds with something only you know about where they go in your new place and what is contained inside of them. Whatever you decide, just make sure to have this plan and items necessary for labeling boxes on hand.


Make sure you are protecting your items during the move, as well as your new home from any damage during the move itself. The best way to do this is to set up a home insurance or renters insurance policy that will cover these items or any accidents that happen during the move. Check out AWARD Insurance Group, who has been known to write policies for home owners and renters in the Dalton, Georgia area.


There are a surprising number of ways to acquire free boxes for your move, so you don’t have to waste money of cardboard you are just going to throw away the next day. Go to your work or apartment complexes mailroom if you have one and ask for some extra boxes. Try a liquor store who will have some extra boxes from some of their shipments laying around, which they should give to you for free.