Three Winter Riding Tips

Winter has been one of the coldest in history this past year, even in Dalton, GA Snow, which has happened a few times this season, used to be a fairly rare occurrence. When riding a motorcycle, navigating these conditions is much different than in the summer. Here are three riding tips that should help you to adjust to these hazardous conditions.

1. Layers

With wind chills getting into the single digits, the most important thing is how you dress. Make sure you are wearing way more layers, especially around your face, hands and feet. Getting numb fingers could be hazardous and cause you to wreck. Wind at that temperature can also cause frost bite to your ears and nose. There are tons of rider-specific winter gear to check out.

2. Tires

Those tires you have been meaning to buy? Go ahead and do it before you hit the road. Tires that are extremely cold do not have great grip, and if you are running on an old pair, this could be doubly dangerous. 

3. Avoid the Snow

Every time it snow in the south, there is a mad dash to the supermarkets to buy up the entire milk and bread aisle. The second thing is that southerners, in general, struggle to drive in the snow. Accidents pile up all over the place because the roads are not salted and people try to take it too quickly. People are already bad about driving around motorcycles. Add in some winter weather, and it turns into a disaster.

Following these tips can keep you safe for the winter. AWARD Insurance Group, serving Dalton, GA wants you to have a safe winter. Give us a call today to get a quote on your motorcycle insurance needs. AWARD Insurance Group is ready to serve you.