Possible Penalties for Not Having Motorcycle Insurance in the State of Georgia

Every rider in the State of Georgia is required to have motorcycle insurance for their bike, and they must provide proof that they have an active policy if they’re pulled over by law enforcement. Otherwise, they can face certain penalties. Insurance companies are required to submit electronic reports of any information about your policy, and it’s listed in a database that’s run by the State. It helps them to determine if you’re able to meet certain “financial responsibilities” that comes with your bike’s operation.

What Can Happen to You if You Fail to Meet State Requirements

Failing to meet the financial responsibility requirements for the State of Georgia can result in some severe penalties, but it can depend on the number of offenses. Some of them may include:

• A suspension of your motorcycle’s registration.

• A $25 lapse fee and a $25 reinstatement fee for your motorcycle’s registration.

• Possible misdemeanor charges if you ride your motorcycle before you pay the necessary fees and reinstate your registration.

Be sure to speak to an agent so you can get more details on motorcycle insurance and the amount of coverage you need to meet state requirements.

Getting an Affordable Motorcycle Insurance Policy in Dalton, GA

If you want to find an affordable motorcycle insurance policy in Dalton, GA, AWARD Insurance Group has a team of experts who can help you find the right policy for your specific situation. We have been helping the people of Dalton, GA get the insurance that they need, and we can get it at a price that they can afford. Be sure to contact AWARD Insurance Group to find out how our policies can help you get the necessary coverage for your bike.

Importance of Having Umbrella Insurance in Dalton, GA

You have invested a lot of time and money to be where you are today; this includes owning a home, saving for retirement or even owning a car or a boat. These assets are not only your markers of success, but also they are your financial future and security. They could be at risk in a case of an accident or liability law suit.

There are many reasons why you need umbrella insurance in Dalton, GA, and we, at Award Insurance Group, offer individuals with excellent insurance policies to keep you protected. Some of the reasons why you need umbrella insurance are;

Accidents happen all the time

No matter how you try to avoid them, accidents happen from time to time. If you are liable for an accident which involves damages of significant property or extensive injuries to other people, then your hand-earned assets could be put at risk. The losses could exceed the value of your auto insurance, and that is why you should consider getting an umbrella policy. It protects you above the limits of your auto coverage. It helps to protect your assets to protect you from financial hardships.

Law suits are common

It is not only a vehicle accident you need to worry about. You also have to protect yourself from other incidences. Take a situation where you are holding a party, and someone slips and fall in your compound and is injured. The injured may decide to sue you, and the lawsuit may be very costly more than your liability coverage. An umbrella policy will protect you from destroying your financial security by a lawsuit.

An umbrella insurance policy from Award Insurance Group can offer you protection above your auto and homeowners insurance. It helps you protect your finances thus keeping your family sorted. If you are in Dalton, GA, come to us and let us discuss a quote so you can get started.

Can You Take Out Condo Insurance on a Vacation Rental Condo?

If you have purchased a condo which you intend to use solely as a vacation rental property, you may be wondering what type of insurance you need on this property. This is a common question that we at AWARD Insurance Group, serving the greater Dalton, GA area, are asked. Here is some information you should know about insuring a condo you are using primarily as a vacation rental property. 

Can You Take Out Condo Insurance On a Vacation Rental Condo? 

In most cases, a standard condo insurance policy cannot be used on a vacation rental condo. If you are renting the property out for money, you will likely need some type of a business or commercial insurance policy on the unit. Most traditional condo insurance policies preclude business activities, such as vacation rentals, from their policies. 

What Type of Insurance Do You Need for a Vacation Rental Condo?

The type of insurance you will need varies on many different factors, including how long you rent the property out for and whether you live in it for any period of time. Short term rental insurance for owners can help to protect your property when you are renting it out for short stays, typically less than a month. If you are renting the property out for a long period of time to one renter, usually a few months or longer, you will typically need a landlord insurance policy. 

If you are looking to obtain any type of insurance to cover a condo you have purchased, AWARD Insurance Group, serving the greater Dalton, GA area, can help. Let us help you determine what type of insurance is right based on the way you are using your condo and then find the right policy to fully protect your investment. Contact us now to get started. 

“I Have A Policy Through My Job”: Do You Need Life Insurance In Addition to Employee Coverage?

Reward Yourself

You work hard for everything you have. Why would you jeopardize all of your hard work with inferior insurance coverage? We want you to have a clear understanding of your insurance needs so that you can get the right insurance coverage. At AWARD Insurance Group in Dalton, GA you will feel that every question was answered about your policy and you will definitely know more than before you came in.

Employer – Sponsored Life Insurance Vs. a Personal Policy

Being properly insured depends on what your own personal comfort level is. Read the policy that you own through your employer. If there are questions that you have reach out to the HR Department to find someone who will properly answer those questions.

Evalute your individual life circumstances. After you have acquired a full understanding of the insurance policy that you have at work, decide if you need additional insurance. Some people just want enough insurance to take care of their funeral expenses, others want to leave money behind.  

Speaking with an agent regarding this is a valuable part of your research. They will be able to help you plan well for your present situation and also help you look toward what you expect may be your responsibilities and desires in the future.

It is all about having adequate information to make a decision. Call us!     

Ready to boost your insurance knowledge quotient? Come in today to speak with one of our agents. You will be surprised by how much you already know and you will learn more about protecting what matters by our staff at AWARD Insurance Group. If you are in the Dalton, GA or surrounding areas contact us today!


Myths and Assumptions made by new home owners from the North

When moving from a northern climate like the Midwest or New England, often people make assumptions about what they need for homeowners insurance and life in general when moving to the Deep South.  AWARD Insurance Group serving Dalton, GA understands that a move can be daunting and is there to help you assess your needs, and help you acclimate.

Insurance varies from state to state, not only in its coverage but also in it’s deductible. It’s a good idea to check what you are covered for and what you need.

Myth #1

There’s no snow, and unless you are on the shore, there’s no flooding.

According to FEMA, flooding is the most frequent natural disaster in the US. Most policies do not cover flood damage, but often a supplemental flood insurance can be added to your portfolio. While beach front is often overlooked in Georgia, it does boast some of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic, those houses perched on the beach will be a bit more for flood insurance than low to moderate zones

Myth #2

My medical expenses are covered by homeowners insurance.

It actually covers the medical of a guest who might be injured in your home. 

Myth # 3

You can buy a home without having home insurance.
Just like up North, if you have a mortgage, most lenders require you to purchase insurance.  However, it’s up to the homeowner to get appropriate insurance for their area and home.

From barbeque to grits to cornbread to boiled peanuts, Georgians take southern cuisine seriously. AWARD Insurance Group serving Dalton, GA takes your insurance seriously.  To answer any of your homeowner’s insurance questions. Just give them a call or stop in for a visit.




Does Commercial Insurance Coverage Cover Defective Items in Dalton, GA?

Business owners in Dalton GA can rely on the agents of AWARD Insurance Group for all of their commercial insurance needs. Commercial insurance can include Worker’s Compensation insurance, property damage insurance and liability insurance, just to name a few. Business owners must be aware of the many ways a loss can occur during the operation and maintenance of their company. Fire, theft and weather damage are only a few ways a company can incur a financial loss. Commercial liability may come into play if a person is injured due to a defective product that is sold by a company.

Defective items are more common than people realize, but most are discovered before they can do any harm. If a defective product is sold and a person is injured because of it, an investigator will be called in to determine whether or not a company is liable for the person’s injuries. Did the person do anything that could have caused the injury to occur? Did the company know the product could possibly be defective? These are questions that will be asked. In many cases, a company’s commercial liability policy will cover the damages and medical costs of the injured party, if it is determined the product was indeed defective. Each case is different, however, and the outcome may differ from case to case.

The agents of AWARD Insurance Group are available to answer questions about various types of commercial insurance. Business owners in Dalton, GA can contact the insurance agency and make an appointment to have their current policy thoroughly evaluated. This will show if the company is sufficiently protected from financial loss and will give them an opportunity to update their policy if needed.

5 Car Insurance Myths

When you’re getting ready to buy car insurance, it’s helpful to have an agent that can navigate you through the ins and outs. At AWARD Insurance Group in Dalton, GA, our independent agents are available to guide you in the right direction, but they are a few myths about car insurance that you should know before you get started.

  1. The color raises your premiums. You’ve had your eye on that cherry red sports car for several years and now you can afford it, but you believe the insurance will go up because it’s flashy. This is a myth. It’s not the color, but the type of vehicle you are buying. Other things that may be taken into consideration are the vehicle’s safety rating and the sticker price.
  2. The older you are the more your insurance will increase. In fact, many adults that are over the age of 55 may be considered for a reduction in their rates. Age requirements vary, so discuss this option with your independent agent at AWARD Insurance Group.
  3. Your credit does not affect your rate. Your credit score may be taken into account when you start searching for car insurance. If your score is good, you could end up having a lower premium than someone who has a lower score.
  4. The minimum insurance will cover everything. Some people believe that the minimum amount of insurance that the state requires you to have will cover everything. Many accidents cost more than your minimum auto liability. Additional coverage may be required, so you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical costs.
  5. Other drivers are covered under your policy. If you loan your vehicle to a friend you should make sure that your policy covers the damage to the vehicle if there is an accident.

Come by our offices in Dalton, GA. The AWARD Insurance Group has help individuals that can properly supply you with accurate information regarding auto insurance coverage.

How to Spring Clean Around Your Home

Winter is just about over and that means that spring is right around the corner. With the spring weather comes the need for spring cleaning. If you are like most people then you do not want to do any spring cleaning but you also know that it is something that will make you feel better and your home in Dalton, GA look better. Before you get started, be sure to use these tips from AWARD Insurance Group. 

  • Dust. The first thing you want to do is dust everything around your home. Dust can really accumulate during the winter months and a good dusting can make a huge difference around your home. If you do nothing else, you need to dust. 
  • Choose one or two projects. If you try to list out everything you need to get done around your home, you will likely get overwhelmed. Instead of looking at it that way, think of one or two organization or cleaning projects you want to tackle and get them done. If you finish those and want to do more, then think of another project, You just don;t want to to overwhelm yourself in the beginning. 
  • Get some help. No one ever said that you have to do this on your own. You can ask for help from friends and family and offer the same in return to them.

Once you have your game plan set for spring cleaning, you need to make sure you have fully protected your home. That means you need to have a great home insurance policy. If you do not already have one, be sure to reach out to AWARD Insurance Group, serving Dalton, GA, for a free quote. They will be sure to work within your budget and meet your needs. 

How Do Accidents Affect Auto Insurance?

When a person goes to purchase auto insurance, there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration to develop an accurate quote. And while obtaining a policy that has a reasonable premium rate is of the utmost benefit, it is imperative to keep in mind that this rate can always change. Take for example a policyholder gets a speeding ticket. This type of traffic violation can cause insurance premiums to increase. Here’s a quick look at how traffic violations and accidents affect insurance premiums.

How do speeding tickets affect insurance rates? 

If you get a speeding ticket, this means you were traveling over the legal speed limit. Speed limits are created by specialists who use calculations to determine the safest speed for drivers to travel. When going over these speeds, this means you are more likely to be involved in an accident, which of course puts you at a higher risk for insurance companies. Because of this, if you get a speeding ticket, your premium rate is likely to go up. Fortunately, many states allow you to take part in traffic school class to keep your rates from going up, but you can only take part in this class every so often, meaning if you get multiple speeding tickets in a small amount of time, your insurance rate is likely going to go up.

How do accidents affect auto insurance?

Not all accidents cause your insurance to go up, but many of them will, especially if you are the at-fault party. This is why it is so important never to admit fault and to let your insurance company handle the accident paperwork for you. 

To learn more about auto insurance, please contact AWARD Insurance Group serving the Dalton, GA area. 


Does Home Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

Home insurance covers a wide range of things and storm damage is certainly one of them, to a certain extent. For those in the Dalton, GA area, the agents at AWARD Insurance Group can explain further but here is a basic explanation.

Storm damage is a tricky thing to claim on a home insurance policy. For starters, if you are claiming flood damage or damage that had to do with a storm that resulted in a flood, your policy is likely not to cover this unless you have a flood insurance policy. Next, if you are claiming storm damage but it is obvious that the storm was not bad enough in your area or that the damage is not great enough to claim, your home insurance is likely not to cover it.

Also, home insurance policies, the basic ones that is, are not going to cover hurricanes because they are not a normal or widely occurring event. Those that want to claim damage that was the result of a hurricane will need to have hurricane insurance. Most policies will have basic storm coverage like roof damage due to ice, wind, excessive rain, and snow. They will also have coverage for things like shutters and cars or other buildings that are on the property that were damaged from the storm.

No matter what damage you are experiencing, your insurance company is likely to have some sort of coverage for it. Your best course of action is to talk with your agent about possible coverage and about possible claims that can be filed to help repair the damage that was the result of the storm. For those in the Dalton, GA area, the agents with AWARD Insurance Group can help you find the policy and the insurance claim that is right for you.