A Look at the Different Types of Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance in Dalton, GA and other parts of the state can come in several different types. At AWARD Insurance Group, we want you to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing term life policies. Here are some of the different types of term life insurance available.

Term Life Insurance in General

Term life insurance will cover you for a set period, hence the word “term.” The term length of the insurance can vary from one year to 30 years depending on the policy you choose. Many people choose a 20-year term these days, but you can choose whichever options work best for your needs.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance

Decreasing term life will keep your premium steady over the length of the coverage, but will lower the number of death benefits over time. These policies aren’t widely available but have some use when packaged as mortgage term life insurance. Mortgage term life helps pay off a mortgage. So the longer you’re around to pay your mortgage, the less the policy will have to eventually pay for it.

Level Term Life Insurance

Most life insurance policies are of the level term variety. These policies come in set term lengths. With these policies, “level” refers to the flat rate you pay into the policy during the term.

Different types of level term policies exist. For example, an annual renewable level term insurance policy can represent a yearly policy that renews when the term is up. A convertible level term policy offers options to renew the policy or convert it to a different type of policy when the term is up.

Most forms of term life insurance you come across in Dalton, GA will represent a form of level term life insurance. At AWARD Insurance Group, we carry life insurance packages that can help you do the most with your term life insurance policy. Contact us or visit to learn more about term life and how it can benefit you.

Does My Dog Breed Affect My Home Insurance?

You have this lovely dog that you consider a member of your family, however, when you apply for your homeowner’s insurance policy, your insurance provider tells you that your dog cannot be covered it belongs to a high-risk breed. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4.5 million people are bitten annually by dogs.

Insurance firms normally ensure dog incident costs up to some liability limits, but some insurance firms will not provide cover for certain dog breeds that are considered dangerous. Other companies make a decision depending on the history of the dog being dangerous, regardless of which breed it belongs to.

Coverage options

A significant part of homeowners insurance claims are related to dog incidents. This has made many insurance firms to re-evaluate the type of dog breed they would be able to cover. The following are some insurance options offered by companies:

  • Raise the premium of your home insurance policy as a result of the dog breed.
  • Let you have any type of dog you want, but not include it in your home insurance plan. You may even be required to sign a dog exclusion contract.
  • Not offer you any insurance at all because you own a vicious dog breed.

AWARD Insurance Group is an insurance agency in Dalton GA that provides you with great insurance options. Call us today to know more.

The Riskiest Dog Breeds Which Are Not Normally Covered

The list of dangerous dogs usually varies from one insurance provider to another, but generally, the following breeds are normally excluded from a homeowners insurance policy:

  • Pitbull
  • Rottweiler
  • Akita
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • American Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Bullmastiff
  • Chow Chow
  • Pressa Canario
  • Doberman
  • Wolf Breed
  • Any mix of the above mentioned breeds.

These dogs are on this list because they can cause more damage compared to smaller dogs, and an attorney may be involved in the case leading to higher claims.

If you have any questions on how your dog influences your home insurance please contact AWARD Insurance Group is an insurance agency in Dalton, GA and you will get the best advice.

How to Protect Yourself Against Worker’s Comp Fraud

Worker’s comp is set in place to provide for employees in the event that they are injured in the workplace and cannot work. However, there are always a few people who will push the boundaries and see how they can take advantage of the system. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself from worker’s comp fraud. 

Have a Safety Plan

Having a well-established safety plan is the best way to ensure that individuals do not take advantage of gray areas. The safety policies should be well outlined, well trained and well exhibited in a common area for all to see. Make sure that each employee is thoroughly trained in safety procedure and reporting. This can help alleviate the "I didn’t know," excuses that sometimes accompany a bogus worker’s comp claim. 

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

A safe work environment will make it difficult for employees to have ammunition to use against you in a fraudulent worker’s comp case. Make your work environment so safe that it would be very difficult to get injured. In many workplaces the likelihood of injury is great, so it becomes difficult to disprove fraudulent claims. Although it may seem like it takes more time and even money to maintain a safe work environment it will pay off in the long run. 

Hire Carefully

It pays to do your research on new hires. Most individuals who will commit worker’s comp fraud have done it before or have had difficulties at previous jobs. It is always a good idea to check up on a person’s past job history by speaking with their former employers. Ask probing questions concerning their ethics and any problems they may have had at their other job. 

Worker’s comp fraud can be stressful and expensive. If you would like to learn more about protecting yourself from fraud contact AWARD Insurance Group serving Dalton, GA.

Must Have Auto Insurance for New Car Owners

Before buying a new vehicle, take time to consider your options for insurance coverage. New cars are expensive investments worth protecting to the full. At AWARD Insurance Group, we can help you select a policy worthy of your investment. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when insuring a new vehicle.

Liability Coverage – Most states require that you have minimum liability coverage to protect other drivers in the event you cause an accident. If injuries or property damage exceeds these limits, you could be sued for remaining costs. To protect your assets, i.e. home, car, savings, it’s to your advantage to purchase more than just the minimum liability coverage.   

Collision Coverage – If you took out a loan for your vehicle, your insurer may require that you have collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance will pay for repairing your vehicle if you collide into another car when driving to work in Dalton GA or skid on a wet road and hit a tree. If you get replacement cost coverage, your insurer will replace your new vehicle if it’s a total loss. Unless you have the finances to pay for the repair or replacement of your new car on your own, you’d do well to get this coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage – This insurance pays for damages caused by adverse weather or hitting an animal on the road. You’re also covered if your vehicle is stolen on a road trip or damaged by vandalism.

The more you drive your new car, the greater the risk of accidents. Without adequate insurance protection, an accident can cost you thousands of dollars worth of repairs out of pocket. For auto insurance coverage that will fully protect you and your new car investment, contact an agent from AWARD Insurance Group in Dalton, GA.

What Is A Universal Helmet Law?

AWARD Insurance Group offers motorcycle insurance to residents who live in or near Dalton, GA. Each agent has experience in writing policies for motorcycle owners who ride on a regular basis. Georgia is one of many states that has a universal helmet law. Other states have partial helmet laws that allow riders to go without a helmet if certain criteria are met.

Universal Helmet Laws

A universal helmet law means that every rider must wear a helmet, no matter their age or level of experience. A DOT Approved motorcycle helmet must be worn at all times when a motorcycle is being operated on Georgia roadways. A partial helmet law states that only riders who are 16 and under or any individual who is operating a motorcycle on a permit are required to wear a helmet. It has been proven that wearing a motorcycle helmet at all times saves the lives of both the rider and the operator of the motorcycle.

DOT Approved Helmets

In order for a motorcycle helmet to be DOT Approved, it must meet the criteria of the Department of Transportation. If a helmet passes the strict guidelines and is approved for use it will have a sticker that states "DOT Approved. The sticker will be located on the back of the helmet, in the center along the base. The sticker will be clearly visible and must not be tampered with.

Residents who live in Dalton, GA and ride motorcycles on a regular basis are well aware of the importance of having a universal helmet law. If you have questions about what type of helmet works best for you and whether or not it is DOT approved, call the agents of AWARD Insurance Group today! They will be able to answer all of your questions and help you find the right helmet for you.

3 Things You Need to Know About Boat Insurance

According to the law, all Dalton, GA boats with an engine horsepower of at least 50 require the minimum liability boat insurance. However, it is advisable to get insurance even for smaller boats for protection on water. If you are wondering what type of boat insurance would be ideal for you, consult AWARD Insurance Group to find boat insurance quotes that are customized to the specifications and the needs of your boat. Your boat insurance will depend on the type of boat you have, how often you use it, and the risks involved.

Facts About Boat Insurance

  • Boat insurance does not just cover the owner of the boat in case of an accident. It covers the passengers too. The liability part of boat insurance helps the owner of the boat to pay for the medical or funeral payments of the passengers. If they lose their property, it helps to pay for the costs of replacement.
  • Boat insurance does not always cover damage from storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Consult an insurance agent to find out what your boat insurance policy covers. The standard boat insurance policy offers compensation for the costs of repairing or replacing your boat after a collision, damage done to someone else’s boat, the replacement cost if your boat is stolen, and medical charges for other people while they are in your boat. There is an option for replacement cost or cash value compensation.
  • You need boat insurance because home insurance doesn’t cover most boats. Your home insurance can offer coverage if you have a very small boat. Talk to your boat insurance agent to find out if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers your boat.

Contact AWARD Insurance Agency in Dalton, GA on 706-226-1436 to discuss your new boat insurance quote.

What kind of things are excluded from an umbrella policy?

AWARD Insurance Group works hard to protect people in Dalton, GA from losses that could significantly affect their lives. Beyond regular policies like auto and home insurance, there are umbrella policies that can protect against losses for people who have larger assets that a standard policy may not cover. However, it is important to understand what kinds of losses are covered. Umbrella policies have some important exclusions.

In order for an umbrella policy to apply, there must be an underlying policy, such as a life insurance or home insurance policy. The umbrella policy will cover losses once the original policy pays to its maximum limits. The coverage is generally broad and will protect you against you even in the event of events like lawsuits, including court costs.

An umbrella policy will not protect you against intentional damage caused by you or someone else covered by your policy; that means that losses covered by criminal actions will not be covered. Also, if your losses occurred because of your business or because of work you were doing for someone, those losses will not be covered unless you are claiming them under a commercial policy.

An umbrella policy will not cover losses that should be covered by a workers compensation policy. If you have accepted liability in a contract or otherwise agreed to pay for certain damages, you cannot claim those under an insurance policy. Any losses that happened because of a war or flood will likewise not normally be covered. Your own property that

An umbrella policy is a great way to protect yourself in Dalton, GA because the limits are much higher than standard policy limits. If you would like to talk about better protection for yourself and your family, call AWARD Insurance Group today for a free estimate.

Should I name more than one beneficiary?

Naming your beneficiary is the most important part of your life insurance policy. If anything happens to you, your beneficiary is the one who will receive the benefits from your policy.

If you are in Dalton, GA and are thinking of obtaining a life insurance policy, the knowledgeable agents at AWARD Insurance Group can answer your questions about what kind of policy would be best for you and how your policy will affect your beneficiary. You don’t want to go to the trouble of maintaining a life insurance policy for years and then not even have the policy benefit someone you care about.

Naming multiple beneficiaries is one way to make sure that happens. If your beneficiary were to predecease you, you can name another person who will get the money instead. In those cases, the first person is the primary beneficiary and the other person is the secondary beneficiary.

You can also divide your policy up, “per stirpes” or “per capita.” People who have a large family are more likely to choose this option, where you can divide your policy evenly among a few or several people.

It is important if you have designated someone as a beneficiary that you inform that person. He or she will need to make a claim for the benefits by directly contacting your insurance agency. The individual will need to provide the policy number and a certified copy of the death certificate before filling out the company’s claim form, after which the funds can be disbursed at once or even invested.

If you are in Dalton, GA, don’t wait until it’s too late to provide this help to your loved ones. Contact AWARD Insurance Group today for a free evaluation of your life insurance needs.

Three questions you need to ask before purchasing condo insurance

Purchasing a condo is an investment that you need to protect with adequate insurance coverage. There are some distinct factors that apply to condo insurance that may not apply to traditional homeowners’ insurance. You need to be aware of these factors to choose the right policy.

The following are five important questions you need to ask before purchasing insurance for your condo unit:

Is there any coverage from the HOA insurance for injuries within your unit?

Condominium complexes generally have master policies owned by their homeowners’ association that will offer coverage for certain liabilities and accidents.

You need to find out what the master policy covers and whether or not it covers any liabilities for accidents that take place in individual units. If this type of coverage isn’t offered at all, you’ll need to take care of it independently through your own policy.

Do you have association insurance and what’s the deductible?

If the master policy at your condominium complex does offer some coverage, you need to find out what the deductible is. As a unit owner, you may be responsible for covering the deductible in the event of an accident.

If the deductible is particularly high, you may want to consider purchasing your own policy to cover you.

Does the condo insurance policy you’re considering offer coverage for special types of damage like floods and wind storms?

Depending on the area where your condo is located, you may want to get additional coverage for natural disasters like floods and wind storms.

Condos located in coastal regions and regions that are susceptible to tornado or hurricane damage often require additional coverage.

Contact AWARD Insurance Group serving Dalton, GA to learn more about the condo insurance option that’s right for you.

3 Things You Should Make Sure Are Covered With Your Home Insurance

According to Award Insurance Group serving the city of Dalton, GA, there are certain important things that most home insurance do not cover. It is better to either include them on your own or select an insurance policy that does.

Here are some things that most home insurance policies don’t cover.

1. Business equipment and asset

In the bid to cut the running cost of their businesses, a lot of people now run their business at home. Some people create an office space for themselves on their properties. Unfortunately, most home insurance policies do not cover business equipment and assets.

So, in case of break-ins or a disaster, you won’t get a dime on your business equipment and assets. To avoid such disaster, it is better to review your policy to cover your business assets and equipment the moment you begin to work at home.

2. Collectibles and valuables

You may have certain items at home that are simply priceless to you because of their significance. For instance, heirlooms are usually very valuable irrespective of their financial cost. Most home insurance policies do not cover these items.

It could also be a set of jewelry that is so much valuable. Most home insurance policies will not cover this. So, you need to take time to confirm this and you can ensure it is included in your policy.

3. Repair cost

There may be a break-in, flood, fire, or any other disaster. Only very few policies will cover the repair cost and out of the policies that do, some of them usually have one restriction or the other. Some policies will stipulate that you must hire a particular company to handle your renovation work while others will put a cap on the amount of compensation you will get no matter the extent of the damage. So, you should find out your prospective insurance companies stand on repair cost. Make sure you change it to remove all the restrictions.

For more information about home insurance in Dalton, GA contact the Award Insurance Group.