Must Have Auto Insurance for New Car Owners

Before buying a new vehicle, take time to consider your options for insurance coverage. New cars are expensive investments worth protecting to the full. At AWARD Insurance Group, we can help you select a policy worthy of your investment. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when insuring a new vehicle.

Liability Coverage – Most states require that you have minimum liability coverage to protect other drivers in the event you cause an accident. If injuries or property damage exceeds these limits, you could be sued for remaining costs. To protect your assets, i.e. home, car, savings, it’s to your advantage to purchase more than just the minimum liability coverage.   

Collision Coverage – If you took out a loan for your vehicle, your insurer may require that you have collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance will pay for repairing your vehicle if you collide into another car when driving to work in Dalton GA or skid on a wet road and hit a tree. If you get replacement cost coverage, your insurer will replace your new vehicle if it’s a total loss. Unless you have the finances to pay for the repair or replacement of your new car on your own, you’d do well to get this coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage – This insurance pays for damages caused by adverse weather or hitting an animal on the road. You’re also covered if your vehicle is stolen on a road trip or damaged by vandalism.

The more you drive your new car, the greater the risk of accidents. Without adequate insurance protection, an accident can cost you thousands of dollars worth of repairs out of pocket. For auto insurance coverage that will fully protect you and your new car investment, contact an agent from AWARD Insurance Group in Dalton, GA.