Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of your motorbike can help prevent accidents. Follow these tips from AWARD Insurance Group to better care for your bike. You can make your rides in and around Dalton GA more enjoyable when you ensure that your bike runs better.

A little maintenance on a regular schedule can actually help you reduce the need to file insurance claims. It is true. Let’s say you skip the maintenance and need to quickly stop. Your brakes don’t work as well, and you still hit the object in the road which does damage to your bike and you. Bummer. On the other hand, you conduct all the proper maintenance, making your brakes and acceleration function better. You stop on a dime and completely miss hitting the object in the road or anything for that matter. You continue on your ride unscathed.

So, if you plan to store your bike during the chilly fall and freezing winter, take a couple of hours to get your bike ready. 

Examine Your Garage for Pests

You might use a bike cover while the motorcycle remains in the garage, but you still need to treat the garage for pests first. Examine it for critters like mice and roaches. Spray the garage before storing the bike.

Clean Off the Bike

Dust the bike and clean off any dirt, dust, and debris, including checking the intake system and exhaust system. Cover it clean, so the dirt doesn’t have months to do damage.

Drain the Fuel Tank of the Cycle

Store your bike completely clean. Ditch that potentially stale fuel. Drain the tank. Check the color of the fuel for brown grit. If you see any, you found rust in your fuel tank. Flush the tank using acid remover and know that before you ride again, you need to replace your fuel tank. Clear out the rest of the gas tank using a fuel stabilizer, so your engine won’t misfire.

Change the Oil Before You Store It

You need to store the bike with fresh oil in the oil tank. This helps protect the motorcycle.

Check All of the Major Fluids

Repeat the process with the brake and hydraulic fluid levels. Examine the fluids for the right color, consistency, and signs of tank deterioration. Any dirty, thin, or gummed-up liquids need replacing.

Check the Battery

Check if it needs charging. If you experienced any trouble with it holding a charge while you rode during the warm weather seasons, purchase your replacement now. Remove the battery. You should not store your motorcycle long-term with the battery attached.

You can easily enjoy peace of mind this fall and winter knowing that your dear bike remains safely tucked away until the spring thaw. Call AWARD Insurance Group serving Dalton, GA for more information on motorcycle insurance and also, don’t forget to wrap your outdoor spigots before the first freeze. You’ll save yourself lots of trouble and they will function perfectly when you go to wash your bike in spring.