Items to Include in Your Home Emergency Kit

There are many ways you can prepare yourself for things to happen in life. For your home, you should always have a home emergency kit ready in case you are stranded at home for a few days in Dalton, GA. If you do not yet have one in your home, use this list to start yours today:

  • Food. One of the necessities is having enough food to last you for at least three days. You will want enough for each person in your home. You should also consider getting non-perishable food and food that you can eat without cooking in case you lose power.
  • Water. Water is another thing you need to have. As a rule of thumb, you should have a gallon of water per person for three days.
  • Flashlights, batteries, candles, and matches. In case you lose power, you should have these on hand so you can see in the dark in your home.
  • First aid kit. You can get a fully stocked one at your local store and you should always have one on hand anyway so you can take care of minor injuries easily.
  • Portable chargers. If you do lose power, you need a way to power your cell phone so you can call for help if needed.

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