Insurance responsibilities for drivers in Dalton, GA

Dalton, GA is a great place to live, work, and drive. With its bustling businesses and lively cultural life, the city has something to offer for everyone, and most people feel that being able to drive makes it easier to get around the city.

Georgia has legal requirements for everyone on the road, starting with licensing and registration and also including insurance. At AWARD Insurance Group, we work with each client to make sure you get the auto insurance coverage you both want and need. The first step, though, if finding out the minimum requirements. 

Minimum Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements

Like most states, Georgia requires all drivers to carry liability insurance. Liability insurance is to cover the expenses if you are the one who is at fault in an accident. 

As far as property damage, Georgia requires each driver to carry at least $25,000 worth of liability insurance for each occurrence. That means that no matter how much damage there actually is, if you only got minimum coverage, your policy will only pay out that amount and you will be liable for the rest. The same goes for the bodily injury limit, which is $25,000 per person and up to $50,000 per occurrence.

Other Kinds of Coverage

You will probably feel safer if you go beyond what is required. You can also purchase insurance that will protect your own vehicle if it is damaged, and you can choose higher limits. There are policies that will add coverage for vandalism or theft, and you can even get roadside assistance and other perks added to your policy. 

If you live and drive in Dalton, GA, you have some amount of legal responsibility, but you can go beyond that. If you want to find the policy that really suits your needs, call AWARD Insurance Group today.