I Just Bought a Boat – What Do I Need to Tell My Insurance Agent?

You just purchased a beautiful new or used boat to enjoy with your family and friends. Before you make the decision of where you will dock your beauty – whether the boat will be kept at your home or elsewhere or when your first boat party will take place – you have to make a decision about the insurance to protect your new investment. 

Before you contact an insurance agent consider a few points about your new boat purchase:

 Will you be using your new boat for commercial purposes all or any part of the time? Of course, you know the answer but your agent will ask and it is something that you should consider as well. Many boat owners rent out their boats for part of the year. If you plan on letting others borrow your boat you also have to make certain that they have no commercial enterprise in mind. 

 Where will your boat be docked? Also, think about how often it will be docked. These items are important factors. 

Do you plan on a lot of guests aboard your watercraft? 

Are you going to be the only operator of your boat? – If you plan on having other individuals drive/operate your boat your agent will need to know. This factor is similar to motor vehicle use and the ramifications on your insurance. 

After you have some preliminary discussions with yourself give an agent a call. They are able to help you put your boat on the water without much further delay.

Come in to see us today at AWARD insurance group in Dalton, GA.  The staff at AWARD will walk you through the process to ensure that you are able to protect your beautiful new investment for as long as you own it.