How to insure your teen driver in Dalton, GA

As your teenager approaches the driving age, your mind may be crowded with many questions about their driving journey, including insurance. Insuring teen drivers in Dalton, GA can be pretty expensive, and parents have to choose between getting separate policies or adding their children to their primary auto policies. At AWARD Insurance Group, we recommend getting a separate insurance policy to avoid raising your premiums due to many insurance claims. Remember, teens, are the riskiest drivers in the world. So how can you keep costs low while ensuring that your teen is adequately covered in their policy? Here are a few tips.

Invest in education

The best way to prepare your teen to be a responsible and careful driver is to take them to a good driving school.  You can enroll them in different driving courses to improve their skills, such as defensive driving or safe driving courses.  Insurance companies also look at such certificates when determining premiums.  

Get them a safe used car

High-performance or brand-new cars can be quite expensive to buy and insure. In Dalton GA, auto insurance companies use factors such as engine size, model, make and year to determine insurance rates. If you don’t have an extra car, you can always get them a used, safe and functional car. However, if you buy a very old vehicle, you won’t be saving much on insurance because your premiums are likely to go up.

Let your teen know everything about insurance

Before purchasing the policy, let your child know how auto insurance works. They should understand that it is not cheap and encourage good behavior for their safety. Let them know that not following traffic rules could get them into trouble.

Your teen needs your guidance more than ever throughout the learning and practicing period. So take some time off to provide guidance whenever needed. To learn more about teen auto insurance, be sure to contact AWARD Insurance Group today.