Does Home Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

Home insurance covers a wide range of things and storm damage is certainly one of them, to a certain extent. For those in the Dalton, GA area, the agents at AWARD Insurance Group can explain further but here is a basic explanation.

Storm damage is a tricky thing to claim on a home insurance policy. For starters, if you are claiming flood damage or damage that had to do with a storm that resulted in a flood, your policy is likely not to cover this unless you have a flood insurance policy. Next, if you are claiming storm damage but it is obvious that the storm was not bad enough in your area or that the damage is not great enough to claim, your home insurance is likely not to cover it.

Also, home insurance policies, the basic ones that is, are not going to cover hurricanes because they are not a normal or widely occurring event. Those that want to claim damage that was the result of a hurricane will need to have hurricane insurance. Most policies will have basic storm coverage like roof damage due to ice, wind, excessive rain, and snow. They will also have coverage for things like shutters and cars or other buildings that are on the property that were damaged from the storm.

No matter what damage you are experiencing, your insurance company is likely to have some sort of coverage for it. Your best course of action is to talk with your agent about possible coverage and about possible claims that can be filed to help repair the damage that was the result of the storm. For those in the Dalton, GA area, the agents with AWARD Insurance Group can help you find the policy and the insurance claim that is right for you.