Do I Need RV Insurance When Not in Use?

Owning an RV to explore the area of Dalton, GA and beyond can be a lot of fun. However, just like any other vehicle, this comes with certain responsibilities. One of these is to make sure your RV is properly insured. Not only do you need insurance to protect the investment you have made, but there are some cases it is legally required. 

When is RV Insurance Not an Option? 

While there are exceptions to every rule, the times that RV insurance will be mandatory include if your RV is a motorhome if your RV is a rental and if you don’t own the RV outright. In these situations, it is best to work with the AWARD Insurance Group to ensure you get the coverage you need. 

When is RV Insurance Optional? 

In most cases, if your RV is towable, but not drivable, and when you own it outright there is no law that states you must have insurance. Also, if you are not using the vehicle, or taking it on the road, you don’t legally have to have insurance on it. 

However, you have to consider factors such as outside damage from weather, falling trees, something running into it while parked and more. There are countless things that may cause damage to your RV, even when you aren’t using it. If you don’t have coverage, then this means you will have to cover all this damage out of your own pocket. Is this really something you want to do?

It is best to work with AWARD Insurance Group serving the Dalton, GA area to determine your specific needs and how much RV insurance you need to purchase. This is the best way to protect your RV from damage or other issues that may arise.