Make Sure Your Car Is Ready for Emergencies

On the road, breakdowns and accidents can happen any time of year. The likelihood of them increases in winter, though, when driving conditions worsen. As winter approaches, make sure your car’s ready for an emergency by putting together an emergency kit and reviewing your auto insurance coverages.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

In Dalton, GA, drivers don’t usually need to worry about lots of snow. Therefore, you might not need to include a shovel in your winter emergency kit. Your kit should include, however, the following:

  • flares
  • a flashlight
  • food and water
  • a blanket

The flares and flashlight will help you stay safe on the side of the road, while the food, water and blanket will keep you from starving or freezing while you wait for help.

Insure Your Car

Properly insuring your car is just as important as putting together an emergency kit. An accident can be financially devastating if there are injuries or much property damage caused by the accident. Auto insurance is designed to protect you from such financial devastation.

What types of accidents are covered and how well they are covered will depend on your auto insurance policy’s coverages. For help determining what coverages you ought to have, contact one of our agents. At AWARD Insurance Group, our agents would be glad to review your situation and help you decide what protections you should have. If your current auto insurance doesn’t afford those protections, they can also help you find a policy that does.

There are two ways you can get in touch with us. We’re easy to reach through our website — just send us a message. Alternatively, you can use an old-fashioned telephone and call our office. However you prefer to contact us, one of our independent agents will quickly help you.