3 things to know about RV insurance

Your RV is a great investment for both you and the family. You certainly have fun with road trips that start in Dalton, GA and end across the country. Your current insurance policy, however, does not give you full confidence that all incidents are covered. AWARD Insurance Group can help you understand the qualities of good RV Insurance.

1. The best RV insurance plans pay for appliances

A motor home is essentially a house on wheels. Just as with a traditional home, the appliances in the kitchen of RVs are subject to malfunction. The best RV indemnity plans pay for fires that begin at the stove as well as floods in the kitchen or bathroom that damage personal property. 

2. A good RV insurance plan provides excellent coverage on the road

You are required to show proof of at least $25,000 for bodily injury ($50,000 per incident) in an at-fault accident when driving in Dalton GA. You also need to show proof of at least $25,000 in property damage coverage. 

A good RV insurance policy goes beyond the bare minimum to provide even more of a financial cushion. The best plans also provide roadside assistance, so you are not stranded on a family road trip. 

3. A good RV insurance policy protects against lawsuits

Georgia is not a no-fault state. You may be sued for medical bills if you cause an accident that leads to significant injury. The best RV insurance plans provide legal protection by connecting you with lawyers who can speak on your behalf in the instance that you are sued after an at-fault accident. 

We can help!

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