What is Dalton, GA Consequential Damage in Terms of Boat Insurance?

Spring and summer are just around the corner, which means it’s time to gather the sunscreen, bathing suits, and fishing gear for some beautiful boating time. It’s also a great time to look over your AWARD Insurance Group boat insurance policy to ensure you are properly covered.

While the state of Georgia doesn’t require boat owners to carry boat insurance, doing so is a good idea whether you trailer your boat to the local ramp or keep it at your local marina. As with home and auto insurance, there are different types of coverage that boat owners shopping for boat insurance should consider. One such type of coverage is consequential damage coverage.

What is Dalton, GA Consequential Damage in Terms of Boat Insurance?    

You hear stories about boats capsizing in lakes and sinking far out at sea, but did you know that half of all sinkings occur right at the dock? All it takes is one small component below the waterline to falter and your entire boat can quickly become submerged. Many of these parts fail due to either a lack of maintenance or general wear, tear, and corrosion. The most common culprits of these at-the-dock and just-off-the-ramp sinkings are corrupted stuffing boxes, sea strainers, outdrive bellows, and hoses or hose clamps. If one of the aforementioned parts fail and your boat sinks to the bottom, many general boat insurance policies won’t cover the property loss, repair, or replacement due to their excluding losses from such ‘wear, tear, and corrosion’.

But if you have consequential damage coverage, that all changes! Consequential damage policies cover all losses caused due to a component failing from wear, tear, or corrosion (so long as proper care was taken). So a boat that sinks from a busted stuffing box would be fully covered if the boat insurance policy included consequential damage coverage.

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