Tips for Winterizing Your RV

Living in the south, you get to enjoy mild winters. You’re not shoveling feet of snow every week like those crazy people up north. But, even the mildest winters can still have a few cold spells, and that’s enough to cause damage if you don’t take care of your stuff. It’s easy to park an RV and then forget about it until it’s in season again, but AWARD Insurance Group has seen too many take damage from the Atlanta winters. That’s why we want to help you winterize your RV.

Drain Water

There are a lot of places that hold water in an RV. You want to drain them all. It may not freeze every night in Dalton, GA, but it freezes enough times in the winter to make this necessary. Make sure your draining checklist includes the water heater, fresh water holding tank, gray and black holding tanks, faucets (leave them open when you’re done), toilet and shower. Make sure you get the drain lines as well. Any water left for the winter has a chance to freeze, and you know what happens next. If you’re in doubt, you can check the owner’s manual of your RV. It will help you think about every last drop of water that needs your attention.

Treat Everything

Basically, this is combining two steps. You want to make sure that the exterior/interior of the RV is still properly lined and insulated. If you notice any questionable gaps, make sure they’re treated. More importantly, you want to treat all of the plumbing systems you just drained. Always consult the owner’s manual first, but many RVs can handle antifreeze treatments of the water lines. Go through the recommended process, but getting antifreeze everywhere it is allowed will protect you from any water that might not have drained and keep any lines or components from bursting on the coldest nights.

Of course, the very best way to protect your RV from trouble is to get insurance. For residents in Dalton, GA, AWARD Insurance Group can make sure you have the best possible policy for a price you can afford.