Is Umbrella Insurance Useful In Every Situation

AWARD Insurance Group – Our Name Says It All

We won’t say that we received the only award for client service but there is a reason that our name is spelled out in capital letters. We are a premier agency,  and we really value your business, your time, and your resources. We would never imagine or attempt to waste any of those valuable items with unnecessary insurance.  

Umbrella insurance is, simply stated, an extension on a standard policy of insurance. Standard policies have normalized limits of liability amounts that are paid. That means that certain laws and guidelines govern the minimums on the standard policy. Umbrella insurance comes into a situation when the liability exceeds a normalized amount.

To accurately answer the titular question – umbrella insurance is not necessary for every situation. It becomes necessary in an abnormal situation. That is not to say that everyone cannot benefit from umbrella insurance. Unfortunately, it is commonplace for the abnormal to happen. Speaking with an agent will give you a better idea of how, where, and why umbrella insurance could be a great idea for your life.

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Not only do we provide product for umbrella insurance, but we also provide insurance policies for your automobile, motorcycle, RV, home, life, condo and boat/watercraft. Additionally,  we provide commercial insurance.

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