3 Ways Condo Insurance Protects Your Investment

If you’ve just bought a condo, your next step is getting condo insurance to protect your investment. Your condo’s Master Insurance Policy covers your building and common areas, not your personal unit. A personal condo insurance policy from AWARD Insurance Group in Dalton, GA, however, can give you the protection you need for your newly-acquired property.

Here are three ways a condo insurance policy protects your valuable investment:

Interior Building Protection

This coverage pays for repairs to the interior of your condo if it gets damaged by a covered peril such as fire, water damage due to plumbing problems, smoke damage, etc. This coverage includes your unit’s walls, built-in structures such as shelves or bookcases and fixtures.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property insurance covers your belongings from clothing to electronics and everything in between. If your goods are stolen or damaged in a covered peril, your insurer will cover repair or replacement costs. If you choose actual cash value coverage, you’ll get reimbursed for the value of your goods less depreciation. If you choose replacement cost coverage, your insurer will cover the whole cost of replacing your goods. This could save you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket if you were to suffer total loss in a fire.

Liability Coverage

If you like to entertain, liability coverage is a must. Liability insurance protects you against accidents that people may have when visiting your condo. If a friend accidentally falls down the stairs and breaks his arm, your liability insurance will pay for his medical bills so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket. If your friend sues you for damages, liability insurance will pay for legal fees and settlement costs.

For quality condo insurance at an affordable price, see your AWARD Insurance Group agent in Dalton, GA.