Carry RV Insurance With You While Vacationing This Summer

Now is the time to begin planning your summer vacation. While you are booking RV campgrounds and browsing for vacation spots, take the time to browse through the benefits of RV insurance. While you may carry a standard auto policy on your RV, an RV insurance policy has the ability to protect RV owners in campgrounds and other locations while on vacation. Agents at AWARD Insurance Group understand the benefits of the RV policy over the auto policy and are determined to provide this information to residents in Dalton, GA.

Attachments and Belongings Coverage

When you are traveling on vacation, items like satellites, awnings, and other outside belongings are essential for your vacation. Unfortunately, damages or theft can cause you to lose these items. If your RV is only insured with auto insurance, items such as these will not be covered. However, RV insurance will cover these items and any damages that occur while the RV is parked and utilized as a home for camping.

Vacation Liability

Auto insurance often times will not cover any damages that occur while the RV is parked and used as a vacation residence. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen while the RV is not traveling on the road. Should an accident occur within the liability, your vacation could be cut short by a slew of medical bills and expenses. With RV insurance, your liability is covered and your vacation can continue without any additional financial stress. This is also available for any thefts that may happen in these parks and campgrounds where the RV is residing.

Get Covered Today

If you are considering RV insurance, contact one of our agents today. AWARD Insurance Group proudly serves the communities in and around the Dalton, GA area. Give us a call today for your new policy.