What kind of things are excluded from an umbrella policy?

AWARD Insurance Group works hard to protect people in Dalton, GA from losses that could significantly affect their lives. Beyond regular policies like auto and home insurance, there are umbrella policies that can protect against losses for people who have larger assets that a standard policy may not cover. However, it is important to understand what kinds of losses are covered. Umbrella policies have some important exclusions.

In order for an umbrella policy to apply, there must be an underlying policy, such as a life insurance or home insurance policy. The umbrella policy will cover losses once the original policy pays to its maximum limits. The coverage is generally broad and will protect you against you even in the event of events like lawsuits, including court costs.

An umbrella policy will not protect you against intentional damage caused by you or someone else covered by your policy; that means that losses covered by criminal actions will not be covered. Also, if your losses occurred because of your business or because of work you were doing for someone, those losses will not be covered unless you are claiming them under a commercial policy.

An umbrella policy will not cover losses that should be covered by a workers compensation policy. If you have accepted liability in a contract or otherwise agreed to pay for certain damages, you cannot claim those under an insurance policy. Any losses that happened because of a war or flood will likewise not normally be covered. Your own property that

An umbrella policy is a great way to protect yourself in Dalton, GA because the limits are much higher than standard policy limits. If you would like to talk about better protection for yourself and your family, call AWARD Insurance Group today for a free estimate.