Should I name more than one beneficiary?

Naming your beneficiary is the most important part of your life insurance policy. If anything happens to you, your beneficiary is the one who will receive the benefits from your policy.

If you are in Dalton, GA and are thinking of obtaining a life insurance policy, the knowledgeable agents at AWARD Insurance Group can answer your questions about what kind of policy would be best for you and how your policy will affect your beneficiary. You don’t want to go to the trouble of maintaining a life insurance policy for years and then not even have the policy benefit someone you care about.

Naming multiple beneficiaries is one way to make sure that happens. If your beneficiary were to predecease you, you can name another person who will get the money instead. In those cases, the first person is the primary beneficiary and the other person is the secondary beneficiary.

You can also divide your policy up, “per stirpes” or “per capita.” People who have a large family are more likely to choose this option, where you can divide your policy evenly among a few or several people.

It is important if you have designated someone as a beneficiary that you inform that person. He or she will need to make a claim for the benefits by directly contacting your insurance agency. The individual will need to provide the policy number and a certified copy of the death certificate before filling out the company’s claim form, after which the funds can be disbursed at once or even invested.

If you are in Dalton, GA, don’t wait until it’s too late to provide this help to your loved ones. Contact AWARD Insurance Group today for a free evaluation of your life insurance needs.