3 Things You Should Make Sure Are Covered With Your Home Insurance

According to Award Insurance Group serving the city of Dalton, GA, there are certain important things that most home insurance do not cover. It is better to either include them on your own or select an insurance policy that does.

Here are some things that most home insurance policies don’t cover.

1. Business equipment and asset

In the bid to cut the running cost of their businesses, a lot of people now run their business at home. Some people create an office space for themselves on their properties. Unfortunately, most home insurance policies do not cover business equipment and assets.

So, in case of break-ins or a disaster, you won’t get a dime on your business equipment and assets. To avoid such disaster, it is better to review your policy to cover your business assets and equipment the moment you begin to work at home.

2. Collectibles and valuables

You may have certain items at home that are simply priceless to you because of their significance. For instance, heirlooms are usually very valuable irrespective of their financial cost. Most home insurance policies do not cover these items.

It could also be a set of jewelry that is so much valuable. Most home insurance policies will not cover this. So, you need to take time to confirm this and you can ensure it is included in your policy.

3. Repair cost

There may be a break-in, flood, fire, or any other disaster. Only very few policies will cover the repair cost and out of the policies that do, some of them usually have one restriction or the other. Some policies will stipulate that you must hire a particular company to handle your renovation work while others will put a cap on the amount of compensation you will get no matter the extent of the damage. So, you should find out your prospective insurance companies stand on repair cost. Make sure you change it to remove all the restrictions.

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