Importance of Workers Comp Coverage for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you are responsible to provide a safe work environment and protect your employees while they are on the job. Workers’ comp insurance is one means of protecting your workers’ interests. Workers’ comp pays for medical expenses of employees who have accidents on the job. It also covers lost wages while employees are recovering from their injuries. With workers’ comp insurance from AWARD Insurance Group, your employees will be well cared for in the event of accidents on the job.

The following facts support the importance of workers’ comp insurance in protecting your Dalton GA business and helping it grow:

Most states require that businesses obtain workers’ comp insurance if they meet certain criteria. In Georgia, businesses with three or more part time, full time or seasonal employees are required by law to have this coverage. Businesses could be penalized for failing to comply with this state regulation.

Without workers’ comp insurance, business owners may be liable to pay for a worker’s medical expenses and lost wages out of pocket in the event of accidents on the job. In the event of a serious accident, this could greatly deplete a company’s financial resources.

In most cases, workers’ comp insurance covers job-related injuries regardless of who was at fault. It also protects employers against lawsuits employees may file to receive compensation for accidents on the job.

Workers comp insurance covers workers even when they’re performing work duties outside the workplace. If, for example, one of your electricians is injured repairing wiring in another business or residential home, workers’ comp will cover medical costs.

At AWARD Insurance Group, we can help you obtain adequate worker’s comp coverage to suit your small business needs. To learn more about workers’ comp coverage and costs, contact our Dalton, GA office today.