Possible Penalties for Not Having Motorcycle Insurance in the State of Georgia

Every rider in the State of Georgia is required to have motorcycle insurance for their bike, and they must provide proof that they have an active policy if they’re pulled over by law enforcement. Otherwise, they can face certain penalties. Insurance companies are required to submit electronic reports of any information about your policy, and it’s listed in a database that’s run by the State. It helps them to determine if you’re able to meet certain “financial responsibilities” that comes with your bike’s operation.

What Can Happen to You if You Fail to Meet State Requirements

Failing to meet the financial responsibility requirements for the State of Georgia can result in some severe penalties, but it can depend on the number of offenses. Some of them may include:

• A suspension of your motorcycle’s registration.

• A $25 lapse fee and a $25 reinstatement fee for your motorcycle’s registration.

• Possible misdemeanor charges if you ride your motorcycle before you pay the necessary fees and reinstate your registration.

Be sure to speak to an agent so you can get more details on motorcycle insurance and the amount of coverage you need to meet state requirements.

Getting an Affordable Motorcycle Insurance Policy in Dalton, GA

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