Myths and Assumptions made by new home owners from the North

When moving from a northern climate like the Midwest or New England, often people make assumptions about what they need for homeowners insurance and life in general when moving to the Deep South.  AWARD Insurance Group serving Dalton, GA understands that a move can be daunting and is there to help you assess your needs, and help you acclimate.

Insurance varies from state to state, not only in its coverage but also in it’s deductible. It’s a good idea to check what you are covered for and what you need.

Myth #1

There’s no snow, and unless you are on the shore, there’s no flooding.

According to FEMA, flooding is the most frequent natural disaster in the US. Most policies do not cover flood damage, but often a supplemental flood insurance can be added to your portfolio. While beach front is often overlooked in Georgia, it does boast some of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic, those houses perched on the beach will be a bit more for flood insurance than low to moderate zones

Myth #2

My medical expenses are covered by homeowners insurance.

It actually covers the medical of a guest who might be injured in your home. 

Myth # 3

You can buy a home without having home insurance.
Just like up North, if you have a mortgage, most lenders require you to purchase insurance.  However, it’s up to the homeowner to get appropriate insurance for their area and home.

From barbeque to grits to cornbread to boiled peanuts, Georgians take southern cuisine seriously. AWARD Insurance Group serving Dalton, GA takes your insurance seriously.  To answer any of your homeowner’s insurance questions. Just give them a call or stop in for a visit.