Does Commercial Insurance Coverage Cover Defective Items in Dalton, GA?

Business owners in Dalton GA can rely on the agents of AWARD Insurance Group for all of their commercial insurance needs. Commercial insurance can include Worker’s Compensation insurance, property damage insurance and liability insurance, just to name a few. Business owners must be aware of the many ways a loss can occur during the operation and maintenance of their company. Fire, theft and weather damage are only a few ways a company can incur a financial loss. Commercial liability may come into play if a person is injured due to a defective product that is sold by a company.

Defective items are more common than people realize, but most are discovered before they can do any harm. If a defective product is sold and a person is injured because of it, an investigator will be called in to determine whether or not a company is liable for the person’s injuries. Did the person do anything that could have caused the injury to occur? Did the company know the product could possibly be defective? These are questions that will be asked. In many cases, a company’s commercial liability policy will cover the damages and medical costs of the injured party, if it is determined the product was indeed defective. Each case is different, however, and the outcome may differ from case to case.

The agents of AWARD Insurance Group are available to answer questions about various types of commercial insurance. Business owners in Dalton, GA can contact the insurance agency and make an appointment to have their current policy thoroughly evaluated. This will show if the company is sufficiently protected from financial loss and will give them an opportunity to update their policy if needed.