Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Winter has officially arrived.  Is your home ready for the cold weather? The team at AWARD Insurance Group of Dalton, GA wants our customers and their homes to be warm, cozy, and well-protected all season long. While Dalton has a more temperate climate than other parts of the country, we do have our fair share of cold blasts.  Use these tips to ensure your home is ready for winter.

Preparing the Exterior of Your Home for Winter

It is important around this time of year to examine your chimney and roof.  When examining your chimney, check the exterior brick.  Have any mortar joints that need repairing fixed right away and look inside the chimney for debris such as bird nests that may need to be removed. Also, check for damaged shingles and flashing in need of repair.  These can both be sources of water leaks in the event of a strong storm.  Clear debris such as leaves and branches from the gutters and the yard.

How to Winterize the Interior of Your Home

Good insulation makes a difference in keeping your home cozy and saving on energy bills during the colder months.  Check the insulation in your attic.  If you can see the ceiling joists, then you should add additional insulation.  Make sure that you have fresh, working batteries in smoke and radon detectors.  It is always a good idea to keep extras on hand in case they go out.  If you feel cold air seeping through your windows, add a fresh bead of caulk to them. Also, check the weather stripping at your exterior doors and replace if need be. The agents at AWARD Insurance Group of Dalton, GA hope these tips will help your home stay warm and well-protected all winter long.