3 Commercial Insurance Options That Protect Your Business

At AWARD Insurance Group, we know how hard you work to protect your business, after all, we do the same. However, we’ve found that many business owners have little financial protection when it comes to uncertainty. Are you covered when it comes to severe weather? Are you covered when it comes to vandalism? Keep reading to determine what commercial insurance options are great ways to protect your business financially.

Commercial Property Insurance in Dalton, GA

One of the most important commercial insurance products you can have is commercial property insurance. When you own your business facilities, you are responsible for making repairs to the building. Additionally, you are responsible for damage due to severe weather, such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. At AWARD Insurance Group, we may be able to help you cover the cost if your commercial property is damaged when you purchase our commercial property insurance.

Product Liability Insurance

If you sell a product to customers, it’s essential that you protect your business against the possibility of a lawsuit. No matter how much you’ve tested your product, there is always the possibility that someone may get harmed while using your product. If this happens, you have to be prepared. By purchasing a product liability insurance policy from our agency, we may be able to help you cover some of the costs associated with a product liability lawsuit.

Workman’s Compensation Insurance

In many states, including the great state of Georgia, workman’s compensation insurance is required by law for some businesses if you have employees. To determine if you need workman’s compensation insurance, you should contact one of our expert insurance agents. They can tell you if you need it, and they can also give you a competitive quote for a policy.

Operating your business is challenging, don’t let a peril make it harder, such as damage to your physical property. If you are in the market for commercial insurance, please visit our website to learn more about all the business insurance products we have available for your business.