Get Your Home Ready for the Heating Season

As fall progresses and winter approaches, it’s time for homeowners in Greenwood, IN to get ready for the upcoming cold season. Many homeowners decide to take care of basic maintenance items, especially ones related to the coming cold and snow, at this time of year. At AWARD Insurance Group, we also encourage homeowners to review their insurance protections during the fall.

Preparing for Snow and Cold

Making your home more efficient will pay dividends throughout the heating season, even if you have to pay a service person now. Additionally, having your home’s heating equipment professionally serviced will ensure that it can be safely operated. A few things you might want to do or have done include:

  • having your heater serviced
  • having your chimney cleaned
  • reversing your ceiling fans

Reversing your fans won’t prevent a fire, like cleaning your chimney might, but it will help you save on heating costs. Most ceiling fans can be reversed by simply turning a switch. Once reversed, they’ll circulate warm air throughout a room.

Reviewing Your Insurance Protections

Often, reviewing your insurance coverage takes even less time than calling a service person. In just a short conversation with an independent insurance agent, you can both review your current insurance policy and compare it to others that are available. If another one offers better coverage or lower rates, switching insurers takes just another additional moment or two.

If you don’t have an independent agent who can help you with your insurance needs, contact us at AWARD Insurance Group. We’ve assisted many homeowners in your community, and we’re ready to help you. The easiest way to get in touch with one of our agents is to contact us online, but you can also call our agency, if you prefer.